1. Take a deep breath & keep calm
  2. Car accidents can leave the most level-headed motorists stunned, stressed and more than a little confused.

  3. Is everyone ok?
  4. Once you’ve gathered yourself together it’s EXTREMELY important to makesure that everyone is ok. DO NOT hesitate to call 911 if any doubt. Cars are replaceable, lives are not.

    Who do you call?
    • Police
    • Use your own discretion, if the accident is very minimal it may not need to be necessary to call the police i.e. you get bumped or scratched in a parking lot. But at any point in time you don’t feel comfortable with your situation feel free to call Us at Concours Elite.

    • Insurance company
    • Call your “Insurance Company” to report a claim regardless who is at fault. We are more than qualified to handle any of your concerns that may come up during the process.

  5. Get info
  6. There is no such thing as having too much information. Make sure to get names, addresses, phone numbers, Vehicles info (license plate make model etc.) AndCopy down ALL drivers’ license details. It can also help to photograph the other driver’s details of the accident while you’re exchanging info.

  7. Record the scene
  8. It’s easy to forget critical details after car accidents, so take notes of any circumstance you think are unusual or particularly relevant to the claim while at the scene so that means take lots of pictures! And remember not to admit fault. This isn’t so that you can get away with something that you did but it’s to protect you in the event your memory of events or your understanding of who is at fault is wrong.

  9. Last but not least!
  10. Call Us here at Concours Elite so we can take care of you 1st and assist you with all your needs as soon as possible. Once you’re taken care you can kick your feet back and relax while we fix your vehicle to pre-accident condition!

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